Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's the middle of the night. Guess who's sleeping? Everybody but me. Of course. I deleted Facebook from my phone so I'd spend less time on it, but now I have nowhere to go and randomly chit chat to "imaginary people" as Nale calls them. I totally forgot I had this thing until the other day so I might as well use it, eh?

So, anyway... I've been working on a playlist on my Spotify for running. It's pretty much the greatest running list of all time. I'm also pretty sure I'm the only person who would think that hahaha! Mostly well known and not so well known 90s alternative and hip hop and a few random current-ish songs I like that I've heard on the radio.

What is it about 90s music that just gets you excited? Or, at least me... Even songs I hated back in the day are fun to hear now. I must be getting old or something... Probably nostalgia I guess. I do love (usually) being the target audience in the grocery store and pretty much anywhere else. Nale and I like to compete to see who can name the band playing the fastest.

It's fun to put a 90s playlist on in the car too to make a trip go by faster. Plus, it's a game he doesn't always beat me in. That and Scrabble are pretty much the only games I stand a chance to win against him... Why's he gotta be so good at freaking every game ever?

But yeah, anyway, back to laying in bed pretending to sleep I guess now that I've rambled somewhere about something.

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