Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Home Birth

Baby Bear's Birth Story

My due date was May 26 so I was "late" as per my usual. As I had expected to be. On the morning of June 1st I woke up a bit before 6am and I was feeling some pretty decent contractions. I laid in bed a while and they kept coming and seemed fairly regular so I started timing them with my handy little phone contraction timer :) The duration started a bit over 30 seconds and were consistently anywhere from 4.5-5 minutes apart. Over time they started to get closer to a minute long. I was getting pretty excited at that point. Texted my midwife to let her know what was going on. We decided to wait things out a bit and see what happened.
Around 11, they started to get further apart. Around noon they had all but stopped. Super! My mom had come over and we were walking around outside trying to keep them going but it wasn't really working. It was ridiculously hot outside, our air conditioner was broken and it was a pretty big bummer. My mom had some stuff she needed to go take care of so I told her to go ahead and go, and I would let her know if anything changed.

Around 7pm I started having contractions again. This time they were about a minute long and 8-9 minutes apart. Fairly strong. Then they got closer together, but shorter in duration. My midwife was going to be driving by where I lived so said she would come by to check me out. When she got here, of course, the contractions had lessened and spaced out. She checked me and said I was about 2-3 cms dilated and she could feel his head but he was still a little high. She also said I had lost my plug already. She asked if we wanted her to stick around or what we wanted to do. We figured she might as well go home and sleep and we would try to also. She left around 9pm.

So Nale and I laid on the couch to try to sleep. It was cooler out there and we had a fan blowing on us. Our room and bed was way too uncomfortable. As I was laying there I couldn't sleep because I kept having contractions. I was messaging with a friend on Facebook, a little after midnight, as I started to time my contractions again. This time they were getting very intense. And getting closer together. They quickly went from 8 minutes apart to 5, then 4.5... Then I got up to go to the bathroom and when I got up, there was my show! Nale came walking down the hall as I came out and was going to get in the shower for a bit because I was starting to get really uncomfortable. I wanted to sit in there and time contractions and see what happened. He sat on the bathroom floor while I sat in the shower stream and timed for me. It didn't take long after I got in there though before I told him to just call the midwife to come out. I knew this was it and Baby Bear was going to be here SOON. I tried to convey a sense of urgency... I also told him to call my mom to come out. It was about 1:20am on June 2nd at this point.

My mom didn't answer so he left a message. I got out of the shower and laid on the bed in the room we set up to have the baby in. The contractions were becoming very intense and I was starting to feel pressure. I called my mom and she answered. She was on her way already. I told her she may have to fill in for my midwife because I just knew she wasn't going to make it. She asked if she should call my dad to be there also just in case so I told her to go ahead. My midwife lived just over an hour away. Nale was already looking pretty freaked out by the prospect of going it alone. I was telling him he was going to have to deliver Bear. He was not terribly excited by this prospect! Ha! I knew everything was going to be okay though. I felt very calm and I was ready.

I called the midwife and asked if I could get in the birth tub. I told her it was going to be very soon. I asked her to call the other midwife who was coming and have her come out. I was hoping that since she was a little closer she would get here sooner. She later told me that she had called her back and told her not to bother. She wasn't going to make it. I am actually really glad she really did that so we could save money which was nice. Nale started filling the birth pool and my mom got here. The pressure was building and I was feeling like I was probably going to start pushing soon. I remember thinking to myself that this was my last baby. I just couldn't do this again. It was too much to go through and I was done. In retrospect, this was a pretty clear signal the end was near!

I go into the pool and the water felt amazing. It really lessened the intensity of my contractions and I could relax between them a little. After not even 10 minutes Bear started coming. It's crazy how when you just kind of let go your body just takes over. It pushes on it's own. There is nothing you can do to stop it. I does what it wants! I told Nale he was coming. He called the midwife again and she helped over the phone. I leaned forward over the edge of the pool on my knees and Bear started coming. I put my hand down and could feel his head coming out which was very, very neat. It was very slippery. I pushed as I had my hand gently on him and in between pushes I would calmly tell my husband everything was fine. It was going to be okay. It was pretty surreal. Bear's head came out and I stopped pushing. They were telling me to push so I leaned back and pushed and out the rest of him came. My mom picked him up and put him on my chest. The midwife told us to rub his back and suction out his mouth. Nale and my mom frantically searched for the bulb and I rubbed his back and he started to cry a bit. We made sure everything was clear. Put some towels on him and kept him warm while I held him in the water. Sometime in that time frame my dad had shown up. He says that it looked like that was the way to give birth. It was pretty great and I totally agree :) We waited for our midwife to come to deliver and take care of the placenta. He was born at 2:27am June 2, 2013.

About 10-15 minutes after Baby Bear was born our midwife got here. We delivered the placenta and my mom cut the cord (Nale has never found this appealling :) ) They helped me out of the water and I sat on the bed. They pumped the water out of the pool and got everything cleaned up quickly and Bear latched on and nursed for quite a while. He was a great little nurser. It was so nice to sit with him and just be able to stare at him and be so close. He was a very sweet and calm little guy. 

Once he finished nursing he was measured and weighed. 7lbs 12.5oz and 19inches. He was big and healthy and perfect. I laid down and she checked me to see how I was looking. I had a very minor tear and she said she could stitch a little but it wasn't totally necessary. I opted to just let it heal on my own and just take it really easy. Baby Bear was passed around a little bit and some pictures were taken while I ate a banana and some almonds. After everything was said and done I laid down in bed with my newest little man and he went to sleep. Nale went to bed and I got to snuggle and nurse my little man all night. I had no desire to sleep for HOURS because I was on such an awesome high.

In the morning Little Knight woke up and came in and saw the pool was gone and there was a baby in bed with me. He was excited. His face lit up like it was Christmas morning. "Baby Bear!" he yelled. He was sooo excited! A little later Stormy came in and was just as excited. He walked over and the first thing out of his big smiley face was "He has ears!" "He has nose!" It was so special to watch. I love my boys <3